Great commercials: our top ten

Don’t think much of commercials? Do you feel they’re just something you need to endure before you can continue watching an interesting movie or your favorite show? If that’s the case, we’re sure these ten will prove you wrong!

  1. Cheers Beer – Every Good Thing in Life

What makes this commercial so great is that it’s an exaggeration of ordinary moments in a man’s life. As a result, the viewer gets the feeling of how great life really is, even when bad stuff is taken into account.

  1. Honda Accord – Cog

We’ve all seen countless car commercials, but this one manages to stand apart from the crowd. It shows us the process of assembling a vehicle in only two minutes, which leaves us in awe of the power of technology.

  1. Matt Scott – Excuses

Matt Scott has been bound to the wheelchair all his life, but he still managed to become a basketball player. The commercial is meant to inspire us to stop making excuses in our own lives.

  1. Giovanni Rana Story – Bringing the Soul of Pasta to America

This commercial does something we’re not used to – it uses the stories of regular people to introduce us to a big brand. Giovanni Rana and his son, Mr. Gian Luca Rana, are very successful pasta manufacturers, but in the clip, where only the father participates, he makes us believe he’s just one of us. This spot brings in evidence, as said by Gian Luca Rana, the importance of “made in Italy” for the company.

  1. Michael Jordan – Let Your Game Speak

Using clips of Jordan’s best basketball moments, this commercial successfully plays with our emotions. But its purpose is not just to entertain – it’s to convince us to be the best people we can be.

  1. Michael Jordan – Maybe It’s My Fault

In this bit we can hear Michael Jordan talking about his career. What makes the commercial so good is the underlying message – you need to work really hard in order to achieve something great.

  1. Nike – Training

When we watch them from the other side of the screen, the endeavors of professional athletes seem easy. But that’s really not the case, as this clip so clearly shows us.

  1. Saga – Dear

The subject of this commercial is fear, regardless of its manifestations. It manages to relay a single, yet very important message: fear is there only until you confront it.

  1. Apple – Think Different

The title might sound like one of the biggest clichés of all time, but the commercial is actually very convincing. It tells us that everyone can participate in changing the world.

  1. Dove – Evolution

Want to see how that gorgeous cover woman came to be? The main purpose of this commercial is to show us how far a real human being is from our standard of beauty.