Drunk Film Festival

Drunk-Film-FestivalDrunk Film Festival is the one where you can relish watching 6 movies continuously with non-stop exhausting drinking. Audiences enjoy watching movies for complete 12-18 hours and everyone drinks.

This is why the festival is rightly named Drunk Film Festival because it is all about films and drinking. The festival is a special event where 6 popular movies are shown and audiences enjoy laughter, emotions, action, romance and drama.

Over the past years, this festival has included movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Star Wars Sextology, Mars Attacks, Return of the Jedi, American Pie Series, Lucas, The Phantom Menace, Fast Gateway 2 and many others.

Series are showcased back to back in forward or backward order. It may begin with the best one and end at the worst one. The festival may sound tiring and exhausting with 12 to 18 continuous hours of movie watching but it is more of fun and entertainment. It is all about movie reviews and features.

For all those who feel that this continuous drinking with entertaining films suits them well, then you can go ahead and be part of the Drunk Film Festival. You will be able to enjoy screening of some of the most popular blockbusters and there may be some not of your taste. Experience the sensational film festival and drink your heart out.

You can come individually or as a couple or with a drinking buddy to get the most out of this festival. Be part of this fun event with uncontrollable drinking all around.